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Thinking back on my view of an artist, I had always imagined the greats. Such people as Leonardo Da vinci, Michelangelo and Mozart were the epitome of what the word ‘artist’ meant. Never would I have considered myself one. I remember being 4 years old with a keen sense of what I wanted to wear for the day. I would change clothes multiple times in a day. Dressing up was so much fun that my Dad had to move my drawer out of my reach and instructed our nanny not to let me change clothes unless it was absolutely necessary….haha.

Looking back with wistful eyes, I realize now that the artist in me was already alive. The beauty of this blog is my exploration of art, architecture, photography, fashion consulting, lifestyle, food, space planning and so much more…sharing life experiences and appreciating where we are with a keen awareness of where we want to be.

So lets keep exploring this amazing journey called life!


1 thought on “All Things Art, Architecture & Life…

  1. I intend to follow this blog because I realized I have a passion for space planning which might ultimately lead me to interior design! This outlet will help me gain more insight. Thank you!


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