Diamonds! One Of The Few Things That Last Forever.


Hello Y’all! I hope it feels a little more like Fall in your neck of the woods? There’s so much going on in the world around us lately and I was recently asked by a Starr reader why I didn’t write more about politics and the mainstream media happenings. Well…Periwinkle Starr is by no means a bury your head in the sand – while we sing hey nonny nonny as the world falls apart around us – blog. 😦  I like to see it as a fun space to share the things I love and enjoy in everyday life! 😀 Even though the news and media happenings are important, I feel we’re already bombarded with enough already.

Diamonds as they say last forever; but our bodies? Not so much. :/ Over the last two years, I’ve slowly joined the healthy living/detox band wagon…something I would have laughed at a few years  ago; but not now. I literally inched my diet away from a huge list of unhealthy ‘must haves’ to better choices mostly due to influences from friends and colleagues. The results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Some Of My Unhealthy ‘Must Haves’!

  • Eating ice cream right before bed – so unhealthy but sooo good 🙂
  • A diet dominated by red meat
  • A diet high on salt and sugar
  • Caffeinated beverages
  • All things white flour – bread, pasta, pastries etc

Detoxes are awesome!! 😀 😀 You don’t need to be a neuroscience major to realize that you get out of your body what you put into it. Even though  a lot of ailments may be hereditary, lifestyle habits or exposure to the wrong things; I feel we can still change the course of our overall well being to some extent. There are so many detox cleanses to choose from and if (like me) you’re a little bit of a skeptic at first; you can try cutting a few things out of your diet for a few days and then go on from there. You can never go wrong on a detox regimen just as long as you stay within the limits of what is safe and healthy for you.

Benefits of a Detox

  • Less Fatigue, More Energy.
  • Better Sleep
  • Weight Loss
  • Reverse Aging
  • Total Body Cleanse
  • Clear Thinking
  • Better Productivity – If you feel better, you do better!

Aging is inevitable and surgical enhancements can only go so far. So lets plan on making our bodies function naturally for as long as it can. Feel free to share what your experiences with any detox cleanses have been. And if you haven’t tried it yet, take a leap of faith. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Until I come your way next time, be safe and stay young and healthy!

Periwinkle Starr


Disclaimer: The first few days of my 2 week detox, I thought I wasn’t going to make it…and I’m serious about this. 😀 The crave for sugar was real. I saw all the things I couldn’t have E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E and I thought about food constantly… ha ha! But I made it. So can you!!




4 thoughts on “Diamonds! One Of The Few Things That Last Forever.

  1. Detoxes are amazing, but I find their results too temporary. I did a completely plant-based diet for 2 weeks. I was inspired after watching the documentary ‘What the Health’ on Netflix. I ate only fruits, veggies, tubers, and beans for those days. No animal products or eggs were eaten. It was sooo difficult. I lost a bit of weight (3-4 lbs) and I felt sick and empty for most of the time.
    So these days, I limit my detoxes to things like social media and excessive sugar and salt!

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    • Hi Zenrevival. Detoxes work best when you do a cleanse that’s custom fitted to your body type. Some detoxes are really hard on the body and don’t last. My approach is to take baby steps and make changes that will last even after the detox. Hope you stay safe and wish you all the best😁

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