Summertime Luau’s.

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Aloha y’all!! The world cup is officially here and its been fun catching up on the games. So far, the 2018 games have been exceptional; it seems like I’ve seen almost everything under the sun from body painting, world cup kits, memes of coaches caught unawares and all kinds of social media foolery as a result…The pleasure of watching has been ALL mine. 😀 So a group of friends were organizing a Luau; this would be my first real Hawaiian themed party and I was so looking forward to it. So here’s my take on it. Stay tuned!

Learning the Hukilau!!

Come the day of the Luau. It was all things Hawaii. Everything ranging from the beach themed shirts, grass skirts, lei’s and flowers…lots of flowers. The story behind the Hukilau dance is based off of the fishing culture of the Hawaiian people. Huki means ‘to pull’, and luau means ‘leaves’. The song is about the fishermen throwing their net in the ocean and the fish lured into the net and then the people join hands in pulling the net out of the water. Learning the Hukilau fishing dance was pretty interesting but oh so graceful. Loved it! There were prizes for the best dressed and Jan a friend of mine won 110 percent – from the flowers on her head, the grass skirt, and more leis, even her shoes were Hawaiian themed that she made herself; while Ed won for the guys! There were dance competitions, photo booth as well as a Tiki bar. It was fun, relaxing and I have to say we all had a great time.

So guys and gals, summers here and its time to set it off on the right note. Lets get out and do something new, fun and a little outside of our norm. Let me know what summer events you’ve been on and ones you can recommend. Until I come your way again I remain


Periwinkle Starr





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