Skincare – A Vast Array of Options and Alternatives.

Hello Y’all! I hope you are doing great in your corner of the world. I’m back with a new post as promised and I have to say that the weather in North Texas has been wonderful even though we’ve had thunderstorms and the occasional tornado warning. I almost feel like when it comes to the weather, we can’t ever be happy…lol. Anyway, with Spring comes planting season, and I have added new indoor Pothos plants to the house. I’ve been told that these are low maintenance plants that can survive with minimal effort so, wish me luck!

Skin is the one organ we as humans all have in common and writing a blog on skincare is a topic that intrigues me because it’s so vast and is certainly not a one size fits all. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it tells a story about your health, your age and where you’ve been. Some people were gifted with amazingly good skin that requires little or no maintenance while others may need to be intentional and work at keeping their skin vibrant, healthy and youthful. But it doesn’t matter what kind of skin we have; we have a responsibility to take care of it the best way we possibly can. I haven’t written on skincare in a very long time, but I feel it’s time to revisit the subject – but from a different perspective. I love learning new things, new information but also gleaning from aestheticians, specialists and naturopaths; and yes, random folk are some of the avenues I’ve gleaned from the most and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with you so grab a drink and a snack and get cozy!!

Hydration is Everything. I only learned this very recently that majority of people going about their daily lives are dehydrated. That included yours truly before I started making a conscious effort to hydrate on a daily basis. When the body is hydrated with clean, refreshing WATER, the skin is supple, blood flows unrestricted and toxins can be flushed out. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the body. I swapped out tea for lemon water for about two years now, and even though I miss the kick, my cravings have slowly died down to where I don’t even reach for it anymore.

Eating a Balanced Diet. Foods rich in fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, protein from plant and animal sources and healthy carbs. Olive oil, Avocadoes, Nuts, Carrots, Seafood fortify the skin and slow down the aging process. Also discovering what my body needs has helped me know how best to fuel it. Everyone is different.

Have a Skin Cleansing Regimen. Whether you’re a guy or gal, having a skin care regimen is key. Some have a simple routine and others go a little bit on the extreme, but the bottom line is to just have one. There is no judgement on your preference. Hygiene is a very important aspect of skincare. In this post pandemic world, we live in, its ideal to shower at least once a day. The thought of climbing into bed after an activity filled day makes my skin itch.

Be Openminded. In chatting with people across the board, I have heard so many different ways of caring for my skin. I mean from all-natural products all the way up to the latest scientific gadgets; some of which cost an arm and a leg. It has been intriguing to learn so many different ways. You can never know until you try and sometimes getting things done using technological enhancements or procedures may be the best route for some. For others, its a combination of both so called ‘extremes’.

Use a Water Based Moisturizer. Lotions without any of the nasty chemicals. Serums and natural oils responsibly sourced are also great for the skin Ex. Olive, Almond, Vitamin E oils.

Post Pandemic? …You Have Options. Here are some products that help. Antibacterial soaps and washes. Sugar scrubs. A pumice stone for your feet. Feminine washes for the ladies – those that contain tea tree oil are great. Clean razors and shaving creams. Waxes. Facial washes and scrubs. Exfoliators. Toners and Astringents. Masks. Safe sulphate free shampoos. Face clothes, loofas, body brushes and sponges.

Sunscreen is Vital. We all need protection from UV-rays.

Check out my last post on skincare here: Cosmetic Products…Phase or Maze

Folks, I had a blast writing this post and still feel that I have so much more to learn about skincare. I don’t think we will ever get to a point where we’ve nailed down the perfect routine quite frankly because technology is always changing and scientific breakthroughs these days are a dime a dozen. However, having an open mind to learn and experience new options have helped me a whole lot. Until I come your merry way again, please like, follow and share your thoughts on your own skincare routine. Be safe and upbeat!

Periwinkle Starr

P.S.: Majority of the photos used in this post are culled from Freepik.


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