Staying Fit & Avoiding The Flab!


Hello Y’all!! A belated welcome to the month of March…all the way from Dallas, Texas! It’s been a cool winter so far but I’m just about ready for some consistent warm weather right about now. 😨The downside of winter is the fact that you can make up genuine excuses for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G and get away with it.

My question is… ‘For how long’?

We had the holidays, Valentines day, Fat Tuesday and more sweet treats than should beΒ  legally consumed. I feel it’s time to get back into being fit, active and lean again πŸ˜€ I abhor the word ‘FAT’ when it comes to health and weight because it brings back all kinds of horrifying memories; the word is literally vanquished from my vocabulary unless we’re talking about “Fat Tuesday”…ha ha!

Β Its hard to maintain a fitness regimen especially if you’re always on the go and your lifestyle or job are not as predictable.

How To Get Flabby Fast

This is a no-brainier to most but for some, the flab creeps up on you so slowly that one day you look in the mirror and wonder what exactly it is you’re looking at – Like where did my toned abs go or for the guys, you may look like you’ve downsized to a one pack. 😱😱 This is so real, it’s not even funny. I am going to list a few things that may seem inconsequential but trust me, they add up. So stay with me. 😘😍

  • Happy Hour and Weekend Meetups

The weekend is finally here. You can kickback and relax a little.Β  All those cocktails aren’t going to drink themselves you know but they do add to the waistline. After all, a few drinks aren’t hurting anybody. But there’s an old saying ‘A little here, a little there and a pond becomes a river.

  • Late Night Dinners

Every now and then, I have days where I zone out on the couch for some ‘Do-Nothing Me-Time’. I catch up on movies, phone calls, my never ending to-do lists, a good facial mask, nail polish, with snacks nearby and a glass of wine. Once the snuggie comes out, its downhill from there – nothing healthy happens beyond this point. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Skipping The Gym

We all have things that interfere with our gym schedules every now and then. Skipping the gym may work when you have pressing appointments or deadlines; but when you see yourself slipping, its time to up your game and get back into your routine.

  • Not Reading The Labels on Food

There’s a reason why people advise against shopping when you’re hungry because we tend to grab everything that looks good instead of what’s really healthy for us. I feel I end up making decisions from my belly instead of from my brain. Taking the time to read the label will help you decide if you want for example a 230 calorie breakfast bar or a 120 calorie equally as tasty option. Its that simple but seldom ever done. 😣😣

Something Has Got To Give

Staying fit is a lifestyle. There’s no magic pill and even if there was, the side effects may not be pleasant. Its okay to have cheat days; just as long as every day does not become one. When going out to eat, try to make delicious but healthy choices; and if you intend to stuff your face, make a mental note to add a couple more minutes at the gym or swim a couple more laps than you usually would. If you see yourself slipping on your workout regimen, get up and start moving again. Lets beat the flab together!! 😎😁Until I come your way again, feel free to share your tips and tricks on staying fit.


Periwinkle Starr