Winter Weather…At Last!


Hello Y’all! Its been a while since my last post. I would like to say that I have been away for work and rest and boy I’m I glad to be back! I missed you guys and I hope everything is going amazingly well in your part of the world. Fall is finally here…Do I hear a sigh or relief or am I just about the only one ready to start layering already 😀 😀 The last quarter is here guys and I-JUST-CANNOT-WAIT for Christmas!! I caught myself contemplating setting up my decor a little earlier this year; the reason being it’s  already cold in North Texas and the two kind of just go together.

For most of us, the change of seasons come with a reorganization of our closets. We exchange the light and Summery for the heavier and sometimes gloomy Wintry garb. I find that the more items our layers can blend with, the more options we have which sometimes translates into boring and or frumpy.

My Light Bulb Moment!!

The weather is already going to be gloomy outside. You don’t have to mimic it.

There are certain items you can use to spruce up your closet this winter and I’m sharing a few of my favorites with you below:

•   Boots – Instead of sticking with black, grey or brown just because these colors go with almost anything; try getting something cheery and bright that you really love that comes in multiple lengths as well!

•  Scarves – A scarf can brighten up or put a damper on an ensemble. If I am wearing dark clothing, I love to layer on a scarf that pops and brightens my whole outfit and vice versa.

•   The basic 3’s – A minimum of three coats is required – one to run errands and groceries in, one for work and one for really nice outings. You can have more but these work well for starters.

•   Layer nicely – I tend to layer with jumpers and tees that (in all honesty) have lived past their expiry dates…ha ha! Just because it won’t be seen, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be nice. 😀

•   Hats – Get in touch with your inner child by investing in nice head socks and winter caps instead of the proverbial black, brown or grey that you’ve always worn forever.

•   Goodwill – It might be time to take a look at your winter clothing and get rid of those items that you and I know, you will never wear…including those old ugly sweaters you were gifted 10,000 years ago but still keep at the bottom of your ‘what in the hell were they thinking’ pile.

•   Invest in a good Snuggie! – And please, no cow print patterns. I find that they look horrendous which defeats the amazing purpose that they fulfil…if you own one, you know what I mean. 😀

Its been predicted that 2018 is going to be a cold winter so be safe, stay warm and feel free to share what your winter must haves are! Until I come your way again, I remain


Periwinkle Starr





Winding Down into Fall!!!


Hello Y’all. It is Fall!!! The sweltering heat is slowly winding down and will soon be gone… even if its just for a few months. We are getting close to the end of the year and like every time, its like 2018 just zip-lined its way into the last quarter. Its about that time to put away my Summer clothes and set up my closet for Fall. We are officially in the last lap of the year. I feel its not too early to sit back, take a moment and look back at how well we’ve lived during the year. If you’ve been with my blog over the past two years, you’d notice that I’m all about improvements, taking stock, learning from my past in order to do better in the future.

Here are some of my lessons learned so far in 2018!!

  • Keep Being Active: I remember meeting up with a buddy of mine one day and showing up to the trail with a bag of Cheetos – don’t judge me 😀 But I was hungry and didn’t have time to eat but I showed up either way.  Being active is a lifestyle and we may never be perfect but choose to show up anyway.
  • Eat Healthy: The holiday season is around the corner and that downward sugar spiral is closer than you think. I’m making up my mind to make up for all the parties, events, binges and splurges by eating healthier in between ALL the festivities so I can cancel out my excesses.
  • Trust Your Gut: The older I get, the more I have learned to trust myself, to trust my gut feeling, my intuition in every area of my life and to not just shake it off if I feel some kind of way about something.
  • Balance The Books: This is a whole other blog post on it’s own if I need to elaborate on it but I’m just going to skim over to give you an idea of what i’m talking about. When I say ‘balance the books’,  I’m looking at everything from relationships, finances, health, spirituality etc. and I am looking at how I have lived, my choices, my sacrifices, what I’ve put in and what I’ve gotten back in return. I look at areas I could have done better and at areas I feel I need to improve on or make better choices. The bottom line is I know where I’m at and I’m not just waltzing through life without been accountable to myself, my time and to those around me.
  • Read More Books: I try to catch up on my reading every now and then. Even though I have a few more books to read before the end of the year, I’m on it and doing the best I can every chance that I get. 😀
  • Try A New Sport: Whether it’s golfing, volleyball on the weekends or meditation. I  personally don’t know ANYONE who is physically overactive but I feel most of us if not all of us could do better with a little bit more exercise.


  • Start Juicing: I remember being younger and my parents bought this ‘Juice Processor’ (that was what it was called back in the day) and at the time, I felt it was more of a hassle than a necessity. Now I’ve realized that with being on the go most of the time, juicing is an easier alternative to eating an actual meal but with the same or even more nutritional benefits.

We just had New York Fashion Week for 2018 and it was fun! There was a  showdown between Rihannas ‘Savage x Fenty’ line and Marc Jacobs presentation. I felt both shows were very unique in their own way. But as always, there’s the tendency to pit two very talented and gifted individuals against each other – even though they stem from different ends of the spectrum.  :/  Anyways, I saved some pictures from the Marc Jacobs clothing line that I found interesting and had to share with you.

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Always remember that its never too late to tweak your lifestyle. Until I come your way again, I remain


Periwinkle Starr

The French and Their Sense of Fashion.


Hello Starr Readers! I hope your week has been nothing short of amazing in your part of the world. I can gladly say that the burn is over…at least for now. There is something amazing yet unpretentious about the french people. An elegance and class that isn’t perceived by the showiness of outward apparel but by a simplistic appeal that is rare to find. Growing up, I had private french lessons for a while. At some point, I could understand conversations and speak it but I never followed through on being fluent. As the years went by, I literally forgot most – if not all of it; but i never forgot the style, the grace and poise of my tutor which brings fond memories that i think are worth emulating today.

When it comes to style, the rest of the western world take their cue from the french people. To be à la Parisienne, there is a standard of beauty and elegance coupled with an under toned rebel beneath the surface – a defiance to popular trends of following the status quo that one must posses. The way you move, how you open your bag, how you cross your legs – just little things. It is said that, ‘you see a french woman first before you see her clothes’ and they do not overdress. A couple of style icons that are a source of inspiration to me lately are Bridgett Bardot, Audrey Tauton, Carla Bruni and Constance Jablonski; their sense of fashion is classic!

How To Be A Style Icon – With French Elegance!!

♦     Less is more – is much more! Designer pieces and accessories are great but the      problem comes when you have the name brand of every designer who has walked the earth on every part of your ensemble. When there’s too much going on in your appearance, you become a blob of ‘designer everything’ – which is too much stimulus to take in all at once talk less of being fully appreciated for all your effort.

♦     Alluring pieces that give what I like to call ‘The Push – Pull Effect’. A leather jacket which is considered hard over a soft floral dress. A beige pair of pants over an an insanely bright blouse. Minimal makeup when wearing bold colors or jewelry.

♦     Disheveled is not always a bad thing. The clothes look put together but not in a stiff or stoic way. A look that seems effortless, soft and graceful but also well thought out.

♦     Minimal accessories. Investing in good pieces every now and then is a great way to accessorize any outfit – a really nice bag, a nice hair piece or sunshades; these add to your look without being too overpowering.

♦     A lot of neutrals. The ability to mix and match when you have neutral items of clothing in your closet open up endless possibilities especially when you have a time crunch.

Are you French? Have you  ever been to France or lived in France at some point in time? Your comments are welcome! Feel free to share your thoughts about the things you love about the fashion sense and lifestyle of the french people. I’m attaching a few pictures of the Winter/Fall French Fashion Week for 2017 that I find really cool. The countdown is on for French Fashion Week come September 25 through October 3, 2018. Until I come your way again, I remain



Periwinkle Starr

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For The Love of Clothing: A Fashion Forward 2017!

Fashion-Perriwinkle Starr Collage

Hello Y’all! I hope your week has been off to an amazing start?  Today’s blog affects you and I in more ways than one so whether you’re in school, a stay at home Mum or Dad, the proverbial worker bee or a constant traveler, please keep reading. When it comes to clothing, apparel, attire or garb depending on what part of the world you live in; I have asked myself if we as individuals can ever have enough clothing? Sure enough…my answer was no! 😀

I sometimes feel that we give so much of ourselves to everything and everyone else from relationships, working hard, paying bills, taking care of family, volunteering and serving others in the community. But when it comes to things that matter to us, we sometimes relegate that to the back burner and end up with last minute solutions that you know deep down you could have done much better if you had made it a priority :/

A common scenario we can relate to: An event or occasion suddenly pops up on your calendar; seemingly out of no where or you get a late invite to attend a party. You said you would make it in the heat of the moment because there are certain friends or work related events you can’t say no to. Its a no brainier or so you think until you start to imagine who would be there and if you might be tipped to give a speech or say a few words then – BAM!! – it hits you that you don’t have anything decent to wear. The tension automatically starts to build.

The usual solution: You plan to dash to the store after work on the day before the event and try to find something that would fit. The strain takes its toll when we are constantly under pressure for E-V-E-R-Y single event we have to attend because we have ‘nothing to wear’.


You have to have one of every kind of outfit for any and every event.


You need to have quality pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down and accessorized to meet the standard or acceptable dress code of an occasion.

Just knowing this simple principle takes a lot of the pressure and mad frenzy down a couple of notches. The Duchess of Cambridge is one of my favorite icons and shes known to recycle and accessorize a lot of her clothes. I think she’s worth emulating. I’ve shared a few pieces of clothing in a slideshow below that I feel can be  dressed up or down depending on the event .

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On the other end of the spectrum, a few of us have apparel we do not even remember we own or haven’t worn in years. I have learned to de-clutter by:

  • Gifting items purchased to family and friends instead of reshipping.
  • Clothe swaps with my sisters and friends for items I would actually wear …ha ha!
  • Online resale
  • Donations to charities.

So until I come your way again please share your thoughts and follow this blog for more from…


Periwinkle Starr!

A Skincare Regimen That Actually Works.

skincare collage.jpg

Hello Y’all!! I hope you have had a great week so far and you are looking forward to the weekend. I guess we aren’t out of the freeze just yet :/ but I decided to  do a half hour lunch and take a nice walk. I discovered a Mediterranean cafe tucked in the corner of a building that I have walked by for almost a year without noticing; I’m already making plans to check it out. 😀

I was thinking to myself, ‘January isn’t over and I have pretty much riveted back to my usual skincare routine…which is ‘skincare at my convenience’. A friend of mine suggested using a combination of natural oils to remove my makeup which I think is a great idea but imagine me jumping off my couch at 2.00am after a late night or dozing off while trying to keep up with some late night TV show – then repeat that suggestion again – that would be an epic fail 😀 Having a skincare regimen that works shouldn’t be hard to keep up with and in my bid to kick old habits, I came up with what I would call  a basic skincare regimen that A-N-Y-O-N-E can follow and I’m sharing these basic to do items that will work with any skin type. These items range from grocery store brands to high end cosmetic lines depending on what your preference is. 😀

A Doable Skincare Regimen – 101

Clay Mask. Helps unclog your pores. Twice a month works great but if you’re out and about a lot, you might need to use it more often. There are so many products on the market from Queen Helen clay mask that are  more affordable to high end products like La Prairie masks.

A Gentle Astringent. Products that do not contain alcohol are best. Trust me, your skin will thank you for it a couple of years down the line.Witch Hazel is an amazing product!

An Eye Cream. With so many serums and instant result creams out there, I tend to go the organic route. Burt’s and Bees has an eye cream that works and has non of the scary ingredients in it. Use it twice a day.

Eye Makeup Remover. Having tried so many brands that claim to remove ‘ALL’ of your eye makeup. I’ve been disappointed to still find those mascara induced smudges you see first thing in the morning. But I was a little surprised to find a product that actually worked – Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion!

Lip Balm. Brands from EOS, Blistex work great. A friend gifted me with a Cinnamint Lip Balm by Young Living Essential Oils that’s also very good. Thanks M. 😀

Mineral Peel. I cannot stress how important this is for your skin. If you are in your late twenties and up, I would recommend you try this at least once a month. Being out everyday coupled with daily makeup application plus all the toxic metals in our environment; you need a gentle mineral peel regimen that gets rid of the dead skin cells and help resurface new skin. I would recommend Avani mineral peel products because they are gentle, natural and affordable but if you would prefer high end lines, Vine Vera mineral peel works equally well.

Face Wash. I always go with any products that are gentle on the skin.

A Water Based Body Lotion. Water needs to be the major ingredient. Be on the look out for products that have collagen in them. The older we get, the more collagen we need to maintain the firm texture of our skin.

Sauna. One of the best ways to unclog and detox your whole body at once. I try to make it a habit to sauna after a swim. I can’t recommend a specific time frame (30 minutes – 1 hour) for a sauna session because our skin reach different breaking points -where we begin to sweat after being exposed to hot air – at different times.

Wipes. Organic, oil free, unscented baby wipes – yes I said baby wipes – work great! 😀

A go-to Homemade Facial. Take a peek in your kitchen cabinets and I can guarantee that the possibilities for a good facial are endless! 😀 We all have different skin types and varying levels of sensitivity to products, so please pay attention to your skin. Feel free to let me know what skincare regimen items work well for you. 😀 Until I come your way again next time, its ciao for now!

Periwinkle Starr

Cosmetic Products…Phase or Maze


Hi everyone!!

I hope you had a fabulous week and you’re gearing up for Christmas? This week I will be sharing my thoughts on something I believe we need to take a moment to consider whether you’re a guy or a lady. We all have products we use and a cosmetic regimen we follow either on daily, weekly or monthly basis. In recent times, have you noticed – now more than ever before – that everywhere you turn, there’s some cosmetic product that claims to do something more amazing than what you already have? Everywhere you look most especially online, marketers are advertising products nonstop. It’s almost like you buy a product and before you’re halfway through it, something new comes out with huge claims and we are instantly sold. We end up with a plethora of products we don’t know what to do with and feel guilty throwing away. I have asked myself if we as a generation are just going through a phase driven by the consumerism mentality or is this a never ending maze where we just keep reaching for the next best thing.

In comes the dilemma of natural products and remedies versus chemically enhanced products.There are two extremes I notice a lot where a person is overtly into all things natural as opposed to another who uses every new product that comes on the scene. If you love cosmetics, you know you’ve tried some of those homemade, do it yourself recipes you find online. Just think up a random ‘How To…’ and look that up on YouTube; I can guarantee you will find someone somewhere willing to share their opinion on it…from how to reduce under-eye bags to carrying out a complete spa/detox treatment without leaving your home. The list is endless and can sometimes be exhausting.

A few years ago, I became consciously aware of the amount of chemicals in everything from processed food, groceries, hair products and cosmetics from a colleague of mine. She used minimal to zero makeup, had radiant skin, looked half her age, she had an active lifestyle, and positive energy all-the-time. I wanted to know what her secret was so we met up a couple of times and talked about life, food, beauty and cosmetics. I gleaned so much from her and changed my lifestyle;I have stuck to it for over 2 years now. I am listing some of the pointers she shared with me that have transformed my life for the better. I’m positive they will transform yours as well😁

Lifestyle Tweaks for Great Skin, A Better Body and a Regenerated You

Strive for a Healthy Mind, Body and Mental Balance. This is such a broad topic; balance in these areas mean different things to different people.

You Need to Sleep. Don’t wait until your’re tired, exhausted and running on empty before you hit the sack. Your body deserves as much attention as the items on your to-do list. Some medical practitioners are specific on the number of hours of sleep needed; I believe that the number of hours a persons needs in order to recharge and bounce back varies by the individual.

Give Yourself A Break. Realize that you cannot be everything to everyone in your life. Every now and then, take a day off just to focus on yourself. Go for a walk, get a pedicure, listen to your favorite music and laugh at your old pictures. Nobody wants to be around a ‘Kanye West Meltdown’ waiting to happen.😂😂

Determine to Eat Healthy-Er. Don’t wait until your body starts to fail to turn things around. Start changing your eating habits that aren’t kind to your body.

Stay Hydrated with the Good Stuff. Your skin is more supple and ages at a slower pace when you are constantly hydrated. Get into the habit of getting water instead of a soda or making a veggie smoothie when you get home after work instead of reaching for a beer; and try to cut down on the number of happy hour cocktails you would usually get.😎

Tweak Your Old Habits. Unless a person has a medical emergency that requires an about face lifestyle change, I get a little apprehensive about drastic changes.  I am all for small tweaks and baby steps because this is indeed going to be a lifestyle. There is a reason why those instant face lifts, crash diets and  microwave results don’t tend to last very long and if they do the side effects aren’t pleasant.😷

Waste Not. Make a personal decision to use up all products you currently have before stocking up on the next best thing😘

These pointers listed above do not in anyway ban the use of cosmetics nor disqualify the use of natural and organic homemade remedies either. I don’t know what life would be without cosmetics..the word ‘dire’ would be an understatement to describe the state of the universe 😀 😀 A lot of times people try to fix something on the outside that’s only a symptom instead of looking within to the root cause of an insecurity. If we take care of our bodies and stay nourished on the right things; I believe we would need minimal enhancements thereby reducing our exposure to only God knows what chemicals are in those serums 😀 ha ha!

Until I come your way next time, Ciao!!

Periwinkle Starr