Bwahaha…Its Halloween!


Hello Y’all! How have you been? I hope its bright, sunny and all things Fall-ish in your part of the world. It’s the end of October and I have given up hope of this year ever slowing down. Well, I have myself to blame for that…judging from the saying ‘if you give a dog a bad name, you might as well hang it’. 😀 I remember whining early on about the year and likening it to one big zip-line and guess what it turned into…EXACTLY!

So Halloween is here. For someone who decorates once a year, its just like any other day to me. There is no way in hell I am going to be putting up and then taking down decor; and doing the same thing in the span of just a couple of weeks in between. No ma’am! There are places you go to for that like malls, shops, studios and friends houses. 😀

The countdown is on and right now, I can’t even flip through the channels on TV without seeing blood bath scenes or someone being chased through the woods with a chainsaw,  reruns of Chucky or Ghost Adventure marathons which by the way, were a favorite of mine  (at one time) until they started getting a little too creepy for me. It’s almost like a competition between the networks to show movies that are as gruesome and as scary as they possibly can and the end result is the absence of the fear factor because you’ve literally seen it all. What could be worse?

This year, the forecast for North Texas predicts rain on Halloween…lots of it unfortunately. But I can bet you that this will in no way deter kids from getting their much beloved candy or will it? There are a lot of fun things I like about Halloween and others not so much. But hey, people are people and we like what we like. I for one do not celebrate Halloween but I do look forward to a couple of fun and lots of amusing things about it.

Things I Find Fun and Amusing!!

The Dress Up! I love clothing. I love fabrics. I love the push and the pull of attire. I love the way people invent personas and tell stories of who they are by the clothes they put on and the accessories that are the cherry on top. You get to be anything you want for fun!

Your Pets Get To Join In On the Fun! Don’t you just love those cute dogs all dressed up as characters. Even though they sometime look harassed and helpless…ha ha! In my opinion, that’s the least they can do for all the free food and boarding they’ve been given. LOL! But seriously, if that doesn’t make you smile…I don’t know what will. 😀

Drinks Baked Treats All Around! Being a self proclaimed taste tester. I absolutely love trying baked treats. We can always put in a few more hours at the gym sometime… ‘later’ (in my best French accent).

There’s always going to be that one bad incident, that bad tale or rumors about sinister happenings about town so the best thing is to be safe. Growing up as a kid, there were incidents of people poisoning candy or sticking pins and pieces of scrap metal into soft candy that was being given to kids (I know I just ruined someones Halloween by saying this and I am sorry), so you have to be careful and keep your eyes peeled.

To those who do celebrate Halloween, have a fab time and for the rest of us who don’t, it will be business as usual! Until I come your way again, I remain


Periwinkle Starr





A Do-Nothing Weekend…At last!!


Hello Y’all! I hope your weekend has been nothing short of amazing. Can you believe we are already in the Ember months? It is SEPTEMBER!! …and Labor Day is a few hours away. I love to call it the start of the Holiday marathon because we just keep rolling from one to the other until the end of the year.

This blog title is so cliché because I feel like a do-nothing weekend is just not doable – but a ‘do-nothing stress inducing’ weekend absolutely is. Forgetting about deadlines, alarms and traffic is such a sweet spot to be in, even if it’s only for a few days. I have more time to spread out my activities as opposed to racing to get everything I need done in a 48 hour time crunch…ha ha! So here I am in my living room with my hair marinating in a blend of  natural and essential oils, nails done, face in a mask and writing this post with a sappy Hallmark movie playing in the background. I would say that I’m very intentional about doing nothing stress related for the next couple of days…ha ha.

Tips for a Fun Holiday Weekend!!

Snooze galore. Need I say more!

Pamper yourself – Get a facial, a massage, paint your nails, give yourself a mani pedi because you absolutely deserve it.

Catch up with family and friends.

Take your vitamins. I know this is funny but most people are always on the go during the week that they don’t stop to take ANY vitamins. This might seem trivial but since we get one body per lifetime, its best to keep it nourished and balanced – vitamin supplements help with that.

Socialize and have fun! – Pool parties, parks, picnics, barbecues. I know nothing about grilling but I love volunteering to be a taste tester. There are endless activities going on all over the DFW Metroplex so there’s no reason to stay home .

Drink red wine – your heart will thank you for it!

Exercise – swim, go for walks, zumba, hit the gym.

Take time to be quiet, calm and relaxed. For some this would entail things like meditation, listening to a good sermon, acupressure or acupuncture; do what works best for your body type.

Get refreshed!…I do realize that three days is a short period of time to de-stress but it is better than no time. Besides you will feel recharged and in tip top shape to hit the ground running again!

Happy Labor Day in advance!! Feel free to like, follow and share your fun tips for a do-nothing weekend!! So until I come your way again, its going to be lots of rest, fun, friends and food. Be safe and hope you have a fabulous time!!


Periwinkle Starr


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!


Hello Y’all!! I trust your week has been off to a cool start?! We are finally in the ember months and I can tell you for a fact that it’s the most wonderful time of the year!! A big shout out to all the Starr readers all over the world who have a birthday during this time. I wish you the very best and many more amazing years ahead! Not only do I (yours truly) celebrate my birthday during this season (and I’m not being specific as to the exact month …he he) but friends and family who do as well.💑

Everything changes – the weather, the outdoors, my wardrobe – and for all the right reasons too. 😉 From this point on, the race into the new year becomes a reality. We have the craziness of Halloween then Thanksgiving, Christmas and then comes the New Year in quick succession. My goal is to be mindful and present because if I’m not careful, its all going to zip by very fast. For all my friends (myself included) who love to decorate, Fall festival was just an intro into the frenzy of the season; then comes the uphill battle to top last years efforts which is so much fun! In all honesty, the finished product is my preference. 😎

The Up Side!!!

  • You can finally (like me) blast Christmas carols as loud as you want.
  • All diets are off! – All those treats are not going to eat themselves. 😋 Besides, when you’ve been diligent at keeping up your gym routine for 10 months out of the year, you deserve some slack time.
  • Spending time with close family and friends.
  • Decorations! Decorations! Decorations! – The family that decorates together, celebrates together! 👪
  • We get to layer up. I’ve been waiting for this cool down for a long time.
  • Parties and Festivities galore!
  • Hallmark has a marathon of all those sappy Christmas specials which are awesome!

The year 2017 has indeed been an eventful one. Its had it’s highs and lows and for some, this time can be a really difficult period to live through. Maybe you didn’t do as well as you hoped and things didn’t turn out like you planned. The good news is: The year isn’t over yet! So put aside any disappointments and just be plain old happy!! You are alive. You can  still dream! Dig your heels in and make up your mind to plan ahead and do better next year!

Happy Halloween to you all!! Until I come your way again, I remain

Periwinkle Starr



We Made It!…Now What?


Happy New Year Everyone!!!! Hope you had a wonderful celebration. It doesn’t matter how you got into the year; whether you snoozed into, prayed into, played into or partied into the New year; what matters is ‘We’re Here! We Made It!…Now What Are You Going to Do About It? I imagine it almost feels like once the clock strikes 12:00 am, an imaginary timer starts ticking, everyone runs to an imaginary line and then its ‘on your mark, get set….Go’! 😀 😀

This year, I decided to get my list of New Year Resolutions done early…which was a lot of fun (not really…lol). I felt like I was about to pop a blood vessel and I wasn’t even halfway through my list yet :/ the pressure was on. My new year resolutions -as wonderful and easily attainable as they may be – don’t exactly last the whole year much less survive a couple of months 😦 and chatting with a few pals over the holidays made me realize one simple principle.


You Need To Commit. It doesn’t matter how bold or how large you print those resolutions; whether you have them taped to your door, bathroom mirror or the ceiling over your bed. If you’re not committed to following through, you are ‘NOT’ going to.

On the other hand, it appears as if the year has been reduced to a bunch of checklists, goals, events and deadlines. :/ Unfortunately, that’s the way a huge number of the populace (myself included) keep themselves on track these days; coupled with the dilemma of having a million things vying for your attention on a daily basis.

Now, there’s really nothing wrong with having goals and resolutions but sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves that if we aren’t careful, we might loose sight of what’s actually important. Life is too short to be lived to attain goals only – that’s what robots are for- and since we have a loooong 363 more days to go, why not have fun while you’re at it.

A Few Snippets From My New Years Resolution For 2017

  • I will take my earphones out more often and experience the sounds around me.
  • I am determined to be mindful.
  • I will be present.
  • I will have fun while I’m at it.. 😀 😀

So while writing up those New Year Resolutions, don’t be afraid to dream big and expect big breaks but also be kind to yourself, find a balance and be realistic. Most importantly, learn to enjoy the moments you have with the people around you. 😀 Until I come your way again, its ciao for now!

Periwinkle Starr

Merry Christmas!…Countdown to 2017


How are y’all doing? Its been a minute and I’m glad to be back. Thank you to my readers who’ve allowed me share my thoughts on this blog.  I appreciate the kind words, messages and feedback. Just know that where ever you are  – you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

Christmas is finally here…and you know what that means; the countdown to 2017 has begun. If you are reading this, you are alive and that’s  something to be thankful for. Christmas is a time to love on and appreciate family and the people we do have in our lives 😀 Its a time to wipe the slate clean for the past year – to be good to yourself and accept the things you could not change in the past twelve months, to forgive others for their shortcomings in both the little things and big areas of our life and to strive to do and be better.


Having survived another year of mad traffic. If you reside in the North Texas area, having people violate basic traffic rules or cut in front of you without a trafficator signal is the norm. I was literally on the road to becoming a decorated sailor – and yes, I said ‘SAILOR’. 😀 But i found a way around it. Instead of a slew of ‘bad words’ :D, I started out  by asking sweet questions like, ‘Did you forget to bring your brain out with you today’? 😀  Or ‘Do you know there are rear lights on the left and right side of your car that let us know where you intend to go? And guess what? – They’re absolutely free!! 😀 😀 ha ha. Those laughs help de-tense and de-stress you by the time you get to your destination.

The Waiter who gets my order right some of the time. Stopping by my favorite restaurant to pick up my order and getting back to work only to realize some item was no where to be found. (I’m not really the happiest camper when I’m hungry) 😦 I finally realized (duh) it wasn’t personal and they might have so much going on just trying to stay afloat during the lunch hour peak period, it was so easy to miss something. The few times they got my order right, I commended them for it so much so that these days whether I’m picking up an order or eating in, they double check to make sure.

So friends,…. no matter how amazingly high or Debbie downing low this year has been for you, I can guarantee there are at least a few things you’re thankful for, no matter how mundane and insignificant they might seem.

2016 has been a great year y’all…So feel free to write up your own list and try looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty and see how that changes your outlook and perception of the past couple of months.  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Until I come your way next time. Ciao!

Periwinkle Starr